Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Use nRange on Verizon 8830 and Curve

More info from Charlie (who has a 8830 on Verizon).

I use the Hollux M1000. I found it on for $39.95. It also works well with BBMaps for Navigation. I like it because it is small and fits in my pocket on the golf course. I hope this helps.

Easily switch to email and back

Ken E. recently sent us a suggestion to make it easier to check email while using nRange. Thanks for the suggestion, Ken! We thought you played golf to get away from email, but realize it is a fact of life.

Here is how you can easily switch between email and nRange:
Use the red "hang-up" button to return to the home screen and click on your email client. When done, just click on the nRange icon again and you will go right back to where you were.

Advanced tip:
To switch applications, hold the Alt key and press the Escape button (looks like the back button). Continue holding the Alt key and select an application. Release the Alt key.
We have also heard you can map the side button on your blackberry to switch between applications.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Verizon works with External GPS puck

See another note today from a user about a solution for Verizon to enable nRange Golf GPS to work. Thanks Charlie!

The nrange will work with the Verizon BB 8830 if used with an external GPS puck.

Charlie Ware, BSRT

Potential "unlock" for Verizon and Alltel subscribers

An exciting message from one of our users is pasted below. Thanks Derrick!

Just some advise for Verizon users to try. I have an Alltel Curve 8330. I previously had the same issues with GPS not working. I actually did a few things to my phone and now it works. First I upgraded to v4.5.0.89 OS, it is not the latest but after reading several blogs, at the time it was the latest OS that supported GPS (I have no way of know if that is true, I just went with it). Updating the OS alone did not make a difference, I found another blog that explained how to do a diagnostic test on the phone. On my 8330, from the main menu, I select Options, scroll down and select Status. When viewing the Status screen I type the word “test” (without quotes, you can not see anything that is being typed). The phone goes into a diagnostic mode. I select the menu key (key just left of the trackball) and select Start. A menu is displayed with several options. The last option is GPS. I selected the GPS option, and click the run button. Instructions pop up indicating to use the track ball to select start fixing. The phone activates the GPS and gets a fix on the lat and long. After that the phone GPS chip works with all apps. I have had instances where the GPS would not get a lock, but I just redid the test and it cured my problems. Verizon users may want to try and do the same thing.

I appreciate your effort to create an app that is useful.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

v 0.95 is now live!

New/Improved Features in v 0.95 beta
Download or Upgrade today to take advantage of these new features:

  • Smoother/faster performance
  • More robust server connections
  • Course mapping prioritization improvements
  • GPS connectivity now uses Assisted GPS on phones that support it for faster satellite locks.
  • Better GPS connectivity on certain carriers/networks

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mapping Progress

nRange Golf GPS now has active courses in 39 states! We have active courses in cities from Miami to Maui and everywhere in between! There is some concentration in the Southeast. It seems like our fans believe that we provide the best Blackberry golf rangefinder experience available!

Thanks to everyone's enthusiastic support for our Blackberry Golf GPS app we have seen a surge in requests for courses that are not yet mapped. We would like to make sure we are focused on making sure maps are ready when you are planning on playing. To help us do this, we have revamped the box that pops up when you select a course that has not yet been mapped that will help us prioritize better.

To help make sure the nRange experience is great for all of our users, we need your help.

If you made a request in the last couple of weeks, we are probably behind where we would like to be in fulfilling it. If you have specific plans to play a course, please search for it again so we can have an updated record of your interest and give us an updated idea of when you will be playing. We are going to be concentrating our mapping time on courses with multiple requests and requests from multiple users.